Pily´s English Club

We are convinced that children learn best when they do what they love best:
playing, being creative, telling stories, singing, baking or making things.

Our concept is therefore based on exactly these activities, such as performing small plays, performing songs, baking cupcakes and simply supporting everything that stimulates and promotes their creativity.


Together with your children, we would like to spark their enthusiasm for English and teach them the sound of the language, first words and numbers as well as sentences, so that their start at school is made easier.
Once a week for 60 minutes, the kids will do what they do best: Play.
For example, when they talk about food and learn the appropriate vocabulary, we do this in a playful way, e.g. with self-painted memo cards or a market stall where the kids can shop.

Our trainer is a very experienced and empathetic person who knows how to inspire, respond to and motivate children.
With a maximum of 10 children per group, she will ensure that each child has a great learning experience and then goes to school without any worries.

Fun Language Holidays!

Welcome to PERIOLI LANGUAGE CAMPS , your holiday camp experience for children and teenagers. Improve your English in a safe and exciting environment. Enjoy the combination of interactive, fun language lessons and exciting adventures and excursions.
Explore, discover and make new friends – all in English.

The Programme – English and fun activities are the focus

Experience every day in a stimulating learning environment – live, interactive project work in the mornings coupled with varied adventure programmes and excursions in the afternoons. The evenings are rounded off with games, pool or ten-pin bowling or barbecues and friendly chats.
Emphasis is on speaking and therefore our groups are limited to 15 to 20 students. The key to enabling the students‘capabilities lies in collaboration and project work, making lessons effective and very enjoyable.

Fully trained camp guides are always on hand to provide motivation, guidance and support.

Exciting free time activities are all included in the price and a lot of thought and attention to detail have gone into planning and implementing the afternoon excursions and evening programmes – learning is fun.
Our afternoon and evening activities range from sporting team-building activities like canoeing or indoor climbing to social activities like casino nights, wellness or movie nights – all designed to encourage using English in social settings.